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Protocol For Responsible Parish Ministry



The purpose of the Archdiocese of Regina Protocol For Responsible Parish Ministry is to ensure that parishioners, employees, volunteers and the community at large in the Archdiocese of Regina are protected respecting civil, canonical and Archdiocesan standards of conduct by everyone providing a service or program on behalf of the Archdiocese of Regina.

All parishes and offices of the Archdiocese of Regina are, through the diligent application of this Protocol, expected to obtain the following four objectives:


  • To safeguard the sanctity, dignity and security of all persons who serve and are served through ministry in the Archdiocese of Regina.  Particular attention is necessary for children and vulnerable adults.


  • To ensure the integrity, safety and reputation of our volunteers.


  • To safeguard the spiritual and physical integrity of those who are ministered to.


  • To ensure that we fulfill our obligations to the faith community and to the public at large. 


The following Protocol For Responsible Parish Ministry documents may be viewed/downloaded:

Archdiocese of Regina Protocol For Responsible Parish Ministry

Adult Volunteer Information Form

Youth Volunteer Information Form